A taste of Sicily on your table

I am Virginia, a Sicilian who grew up in Germany with a grande passione for the Italian island. I am constantly trying to win people over with my enthusiasm for Sicily and have always wanted to create something that connects me to my deep Italian roots. Therefore it came naturally that I decided to found a company which represents the aesthetics, colors and scents of Italy’s most historical region. I am running this pottery business together with my other big amore: Florian, who has a thing for Italian Sprezzatura.

All products are handmade in Italy by a family-run manufactory

The splatterware pattern is common all over Sicily and was originally just an in expensive way of decorating everyday objects and is now part of the Italian DNA. The hand-painted products are an appreciation of the heritage with a sense of colorful playfulness. An invitation to dive into that Italian relationship with family, food and sea!

Our Production

Family craftmanship is at the heart of STUDIO SICILY. All products are part of our commitment to mantaining the rich heritage and values of Italian craft. Antonio grew up in a pottery family. His family is running the manufactory for generations. He has an incredible good feeling for our ideas and we love developing new products with him over and over again.



Return to quality & craftmanship: trends and seasons aren’t of importance, but sustainable quality is.

Eachpiece is unique - perfection is imperfect, as nature dictates.

The colour palette is an homage to the island’s cultural heritage.

You have questions? Write us, we'd love hearing from you!

Tanti Saluti