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STUDIO SICILY stands for fine tableware with a modern interpretation of the traditional Italian splatter design – handmade in Italy. By contemporarily interpreting a long ceramic tradition, the brand’s philosophy is to create a Mediterranean flair on your table, bringing the colours, the unique spirit and the soul of Italy to your home. The characteristic speckle pattern is a tribute to Italy where, in the 18th century, vessels of this kind were used in various ways, for example for the preservation of tomato paste or to knead pasta dough. Being more than just a decoration that could be realised by the use of simple techniques, the speckle design was also useful in terms of functionality. In this context, the colours green and blue were additionally considered as insect repellent.


STUDIO SICILY was founded in Stuttgart, Germany in 2020 by the Sicilian Virginia Pinnisi. Today, she runs the business together with her partner Florian Schwarz. The creative entrepreneur’s mission is to rediscover beautifully crafted quality objects that have been known and loved for generations in her home region. Also working in the field of e-commerce within the luxury industry, Virginia Pinnisi combines her Sicilian roots with her passion for traditional craftsmanship and with the pursuit to capture a distinctive attitude towards life in lasting treasures: an invitation to summertime & to dozing in the sun – il dolce far niente.


The brand’s ceramics are lovingly handcrafted by small family business manufactures in Italy. From these places, they travel to their new homes to exude the Mediterranean lust for life and to quickly become the owner’s favourite tableware. STUDIO SICILY’s durable pieces are also appreciated by the restaurant business where they manage to meet the high requirements demanded.


UNO. Craftsmanship is at the heart of STUDIO SICILY. All products are subject to the commitment to maintain the rich heritage and values of Italian craft.

DUE. Each piece is unique. Perfection is imperfect, as nature dictates.

TRE. The colour palette is an homage to the Sicilian island’s cultural heritage.


STUDIO SICILY’s tableware is the modern continuation of a long tradition which began in the 18th century. The so-called “Lemmo” vessels, popular everyday objects of the Italian kitchen, were constantly in use to wash olives or store food.

Today, their descendants seek to create a dialogue between the traditional pattern and contemporary shapes to carry on a precious heritage.

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