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PERI PERI Art Prints

PERI PERI ist ein sizilianischer Ausdruck und bedeutet sinngemäß: unterwegs zu sein, jedoch ohne konkretes Ziel. Ein Konzept, welches tief in der sizilianischen Kultur verankert ist: das unbekannte zu erforschen und vertrautes wiederzuentdecken. Die in Galeriequalität produzierten Werke sind auf einer fotografischen Reise der Fotografin Yeelen Tavilla entstanden. Die Kollektion zeigt alltägliche Momente, die das besondere Lebenstempo auf der Insel ausmachen.

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Grande Amore...

...nothing describes STUDIO SICILY better for me! My heart beats for Bella Italia and with Studio Sicily I can minimize my longing for Germany!

Luisa @how.luisa.lives

Interior-Stylist & Colour-Enthusiast

It's wonderful how STUDIO SICILY manages to...

...to translate old craftsmanship into modern objects. The ceramics with the beautiful colors remind me of my time in Italy and immediately put me in a good mood at home.

Tara @mangiarecollective

Architect & Food Artist

STUDIO SICILY embodies pure vacation feeling for me...

...and reminds me every day of the delicious food and the great conversations with my loved ones on my last trip to Sicily.

Vanessa @_van_harris

Mom & Yogi

The lovingly handmade ceramics...

...from STUDIO SICILY stand for Sicilian joie de vivre and a love of Italian cuisine. The Palermo pasta bowl can be found several times in my kitchen, always ready to hand.

Fabian @fabian.felder

Italian enthusiast & Blogger


The pattern

The speckled pattern is a homage to Italy, where vessels with this pattern were used in a variety of ways in the 18th century, for example for storing tomato paste or kneading pasta dough. The speckled color was more than just a decoration that could be achieved with simple means: the shades of green and blue were also considered insect-repellent.

We are reviving the traditional pattern and placing it at the center of our design language. It is the soul of the STUDIO SICILY brand.




STUDIO SICILY x Seifen Haag Capsule Collection Seife Taormina Arancia rossa, Blutorange


An Italian summer packed in three aromatic fine soaps

Our debut collaboration combines a light summery attitude to life with traditional craftsmanship to create unique fine soaps. In Germany's oldest soap manufactory and former purveyor to the royal court, the characteristic aromas of Sicily are turned into soap, transforming it into a postcard of the south.



Made in Italy
Von ausgewählten familiengeführten Manufakturen in Italien hergestellt

Jedes Teil ein Unikat
Jedes Teil unserer Keramik-Kollektion ist handbemalt und damit einzigartig

Besonderer Qualitätsanspruch
Unser Geschirr ist zweifach gebrannt und zeichnet sich durch besondere Robustheit aus

Plastikfrei und CO2-neutral
Wir verpacken jede Lieferung plastikfrei und neutralisieren die CO2 Emissionen vom Transport

Die STUDIO SICILY Weihanchtsangebote halten tolle Überraschungen und kreative Geschenke für Italien-Fans bereit.


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Slow live

We believe that the Sicilian way of life, with its attitude to family, food and the sea, is an attitude to life that people are longing for. Which is why we want to transport a part of this easy way of life of summer idleness to the whole world.

Gründerin der Marke für italienische Keramik ist Virginia Pinnisi
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Roadtrip Playlist

Selected songs for a trip to the south. Next summer or in advance.