Quality since 1756

An Italian summer packed into three soaps

Quality since 1756

The collaboration between STUDIO SICILY and Seifen HAAG was born out of a love of traditional craftsmanship and a longing for Mediterranean vacation moments. Virginia Pinnisi, founder of STUDIO SICILY, and Nicole Haag, seventh-generation owner of Seifen HAAG, are passionate about contributing to the preservation of traditional craftsmanship and manual labor with their jointly developed products.

Das Endprodukt sind wunderbar duftende Seifen aus Stuttgart

Qualität seit 1756
Die Feinseife wird in der ältesten Seifenmanufaktur Deutschlands und ehemaligem Hoflieferant von Hand gefertigt.

Pflegende Feinseife
Für die Herstellung werden ausschließlich feinste pflanzliche Öle und Fette aus zertifiziertem Anbau verwendet.

Italienische Aromen
Die Seifen werden mit besten pflegenden Zugaben und edlen Düften, die an Sizilien erinnern, versetzt.

Plastikfrei und CO2-neutral
Wir verpacken jede Lieferung plastikfrei und neutralisieren die CO2 Emissionen vom Transport.

An Italian summer

Shared values

"Our brands are united by an enthusiasm for traditional craftsmanship and a passion for high-quality materials," says Nicole Haag, owner of Seifen HAAG. Virginia Pinnisi, founder of STUDIO SICILY, adds: "Together with Seifen HAAG, we have managed to create products that - like our ceramics - are reminiscent of vacations in Sicily and reflect our combined expertise and shared love of craftsmanship. Seifen HAAG's philosophy is similar to our own: it's not about trends, but about capturing special moments - and expanding the attitude to life behind them."

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