Authentically rooted

STUDIO SICILY was founded in 2020 by Virginia Pinnisi in Germany. The creative entrepreneur combines her Sicilian roots with a passion for traditional craftsmanship and the desire to capture life in lasting treasures.

Die Sizilianerin und STUDIO SICILY Gründerin Virginia Pinnisi ist mit ihrer Heimat tief verwurzelt
Das traditionelle Lemmo Muster und die typischen Schalen ist der Ursprung der STUDIO SICILY Designsprache

Cultural heritage

The speckled pattern and its origins: the ceramic is the modern continuation of a long tradition that began in the 18th century. The so-called "Lemmo" vessels, popular everyday objects in the Italian kitchen, were constantly used to wash olives or store food, and the speckled pattern was more than just a decoration that could be achieved with simple means. The shades of green and blue were also considered insect-repellent.


The striking speckled design pays homage to Italy. The brand revives the traditional pattern and places it at the center of its design language. It is the soul of the STUDIO SICILY brand and continues a valuable heritage.

Jedes STUDIO SICILY Produkt ist ein Unikat und existiert nur einmal
Handgemachte Tortenplatten von STUDIO SICILY vor dem finalen Brennvorgang

Handmade in Italy

The ceramic tableware is lovingly handcrafted by small family businesses in Italy. The authentic pattern is applied to each ceramic piece by hand. This means that no two pieces are 100% identical. From the carefully selected factories, the handcrafted objects travel to a new home to radiate Italian joie de vivre, and the ceramic tableware and decorative objects from STUDIO SICILY are now not only popular with Italian fans but are also in great demand all over the world.