Conscious consumption

Conscious consumption is the first central pillar of our sustainability strategy. We are convinced that customers should consciously choose a product and select a high-quality and therefore long-lasting product. In doing so, our customers are also making a decision in favor of a sustainable product. Our aim is for our products to become companions and, ideally, to be charged with positive emotions and good memories for a lifetime. In this context, it is wonderful to think that a product with such a positive connotation could later be consciously given as a gift to the younger generation - this is the arc of suspense that makes our products so special. On the one hand, the enthusiasm for the product and the search for the outstanding product that makes the point in its class. A product that brings an Italian attitude to life into your home. For people for whom mindful shopping is important, who are looking for something special. Who appreciate buying and using well-crafted products. There is a large overlap between our customers: the values of conscious consumption versus the throwaway culture. In search of the real thing, of something authentic.

Wir haben tolle Partner an unserer Seite die uns mit Keramik Knowhow und Erfahrung zur Seite

Fair supplier relationships and support for small businesses

A good relationship with our suppliers and partners is the second important pillar of our sustainability strategy. We take great care when selecting our partners. In addition to qualitative manufacturing requirements such as production technology and quality, we also pay attention to interpersonal relationships. We know all our ceramic suppliers personally and are on site in Italy several times a year. It therefore goes without saying that we talk to our partners on an equal footing and that we are committed to fair payment for craftsmanship. We primarily select small and medium-sized family-run companies because we have found that the values and principles pursued by these companies fit in very well with our own understanding of entrepreneurship.

Packaging and shipping as climate-friendly as possible

Our climate is one of the most important issues for our generation and therefore also for us. We are aware that with an online shipping service we are also part of the problem. For this reason, we looked at how we could at least counteract this very early on in the founding phase of STUDIO SICILY. As part of the third pillar of our sustainability strategy, we started with the packaging of our ceramic tableware. We support technologies that remove carbon for at least 1,000 years through the Shopify Planet program. In addition, together with our shipping partner DHL, we make all shipments to our customers in Germany CO2-neutral with the help of the GoGreen program.


Do you have ideas or suggestions on how we can further improve our sustainability strategy? Then get in touch with us. We look forward to receiving your message by e-mail.


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